Importance of network security in business

Data security is the major challenge that enterprises face now. The news of data being hacked or the missing data are becoming common these days. In today’s progressive environment, the companies are becoming more and more reliant on information systems. In the wake of external and internal security threats the organizations have become more concerned about the security practices that need to be implemented. Customer information, personal files, account details and other sensitive data belonging to the company are very crucial and these information need to be protected with the advanced security measures. Often the small companies ignore the threats or they don’t expect threats. They may think the threats to their data won’t happen and can retrieve easily. But in the age of cyber-attacks, that kind of thinking is absurd. Considering the worst-case scenario, it is important to provide your business with adequate security measures.

Increasing importance of network security in an organization

Organizations are equally threatened when it comes to network security. As the computer networks become more and more complex, the organizations should be well concerned of the network security as well. The fact is that a non-secured network can easily be broken by a novice hacker and super intelligence is no longer a need to hack the server or compute. Most of the attacks occurs by intruding into the network and by increasing the network security you are decreasing the chance of identity threats, privacy spoofing and so on. Anything from customer information to company sensitive information to business and personal financial records will be stolen or affected because of the security breaches. Now these days, individuals who are expert in hacking possess a high degree of proficiency in programming too that makes it easy to enter into user privacy info. With the programming skills, he or she can easily intrude into the network somewhat easily. By utilizing the snags in the network operating systems and the transmission control protocols, the hackers can get the easy access to the network easily. By the nature of the attacks it can be classified as Structured, unstructured, password attacks, IP address spoofing, eaves dropping, phishing attacks, application layer attacks and more.

Network Security DubaiHow do the security attacks happen?

It is not the external threats by the hackers poses a great challenge to the business, sometimes the employees themselves turn a biggest risk to the enterprises intentionally or unintentionally. This may cause due to the installation of certain privacy software in their PC’s that may be already infected with the viruses or Trojans and some other times they forget to secure their computers by not shutting down allowing to become the target to possible attackers. Due to all these vulnerable factors your business network infrastructure must have a strong security plan that protect your information in a sophisticated way. Failure to take proper action in doing these kind of small activities can be devastating to your network. Therefore like the other policies your business must have a strong and reliable network security planning that can avert the most identified and unidentified security threats.

Better solutions for your network safety

In the view of providing high level security to your network environment, you should adapt proven protection strategies such as the implementation of firewalls, good password plan, create a security culture in company and so on. There are several proven vendors that can provide effective mechanisms using firewall, malware blocking, spam filtering, virus protection, phishing locking etc…


Firewall protection keeps your network from intrusions, viruses, malwares, spywares, Trojans and other attacks. Highly advanced firewalls are available in the market such as the SonicWall firewall, Fortinet firewall and so on. Due to the advanced inspection features and prevention mechanisms these firewalls are considered as the next generation firewall.

  • Packet filtering firewall: This kind of firewall employs advanced inspection of the data packets before entering into the network. These next generation firewalls incorporate the advanced filtering capabilities that makes your network far secured.
  • Stateful firewall: Stateful firewall is a network firewall that keep monitoring the active connections that is available in the network. It makes of this information to decide which data packet to allow through the firewall. This form of filtering is otherwise called Dynamic packet filtering.
  • Application-layer firewall: Content filtering is done better with this firewall. They inspect well the information within the packet and make decisions based on the content. Therefore through this advanced security any application requests can be gauged well before traversing into the network.
  • Proxy Firewalls: Proxy firewalls lies in between the client and servers on the network. This actively monitor the traffic coming for the protocols such as the HTTP and FTP. In deciding the packets to be allowed into the network it utilize stateful inspection and deep packet inspection to analyze for any attacks.

Deciding on the best could be somewhat confusing, a good security provider can assist you to get the best of firewall for your data and network security.

Anti Virus & Virus Removal

Did you know that one cyber attack cost your business a huge downwards slide. Most businesses never recover from such a breach and often have to close their doors once data is compromised.Antivirus software is a must for all the business regardless of its size. Capable antivirus software dubai is the first step in protecting your company’s hardware, data, emails, virtual environments and proprietary information. Selecting the best security software for your business is the crucial first step. IT Support Dubai can help you choose the right protection tool for your business. When we will install software for the security perspective, we will be continuously updating and administrating it in order for the protection from the new emerged threats.


Implementing a proper security plan for your business in Dubai

With years of experience in the domain of security, we are considered as the leading security provider in Dubai. We are dedicated to providing superior network security solutions including firewall customized to your business requirements. Our professionals ensure you receive highest level of network protection using the next generation firewalls such as the Fortinet firewall and SonicWall firewall in Dubai. With the highly advanced protection features these firewalls ensure round the clock protection from the latest security threats. It also ensures improved network performance and offers centralized control over the enterprise security. The firewall mechanism makes the intrusion prevention strong, provides deep level of security against viruses, malwares, spywares, ransom ware and other malicious attempts. With the content filtering mechanism you can set permissions to email or webpages thus preventing the offensive contents to gain access on the net. Our comprehensive IT Support service is available in other emirates as well including Abu Dhabi, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah and Ajman. If you consider your network security be very important then it’s time to implement advanced security mechanisms to your business. Contact us now.