dlink telephone system dubaiDlink Telephone System- Changing for the Better

Dlink, this is the brand which replaces Proprietary PBX with the advanced alternatives. The SIP solution provider company designs products for the business of all sizes. Its products are known for features such as Call Server, IVR, Auto Attendant, Voice Mail Functionalities and much more. It also helps the VoIP devices like SIP Phones, Gateways to receive calls and utilize the host voice call features along with management of accounts. Following, we are detailing the diverse list of benefits Dlink products bestow upon you. So take your time to go through them.

About Dlink

Dlink since its establishment has been known as the world leader, and award-winning brand for design, develop and manufacturer of networking solutions. The product range of this brand includes data/voice communication, digital connectivity solutions, broadband, wireless, and networking.  Its solutions are applicable to both business and digital home clients.

Dlink is known for implementing thriving new technologies as the Dlink Telephone System specializes in different network segments when it comes to addressing their client.

Dlink PBX and Phones

The Dlink Telephone System consists of advanced telephone systems that replace your traditional PBX system. These advanced telephones support Standard SIP, VoIP, and PSTN phone lines. This assures unified communication features including integrated mobility with call recording, home working, meet me conference and support for SIP compliant telephone with affordable SIP Trunks. As companies are now preferring IP models, they still expect a mix of analog with IP Stations and TDM Trunking.

Moreover, these Dlink IP  phones are systems while keeping the needs of the business. Therefore, Dlink offers flexibility when it comes to deployment options that help it to serve you better.

dlink ip pbx dubaiFeatures of Dlink IP Telephony

The Dlink Telephone System range provides you with the following features:

  • Mobility

Now you don’t have to miss another important call. With features such as a scheduler, simultaneous ringing, and lists, you can attend to all calls despite you are at home or office. What, you don’t want your clients to know that you are working from home? No problem, you can easily contact them with your mobile while pretending you are in the office.

  • IVR

 The Interactive Voice Response comes with a wide array of options. These options help your clients avoid being trapped or confused. With each IVR, you get to choose whether you are going to allow the callers to dial an extension or not. This proves efficient when it comes to creating some IVR Experiences. Just play a sound to the caller and proceed with the next action. This is ideal for greetings, instructions, prompts, etc. Use the Sound Manager for recording whatever you want.

  • Dlink Telephone System

Now you can host you on-demand conference calls for bot attends, external or internal. Thanks to features such as conference recording, you can add or remove participants without a hitch. What’s more is I also comes with a password-protected conference bridge, third-party dial in from DID, conference recording and even Participant Management.

  • Contact Center

The Dlink Telephone System contact center is easy to configure. These are an effective solution for minimizing your customer hold as it sends the caller to agent so they can get whomever they wanted to speak to, whether its technical support, sales to agents and others, this phone also helps to keep your callers in queue if your agents are a bit occupied, furthermore, I it

  • Call Recording

Now you have to ability to record calls on demand or all of them. You can complete set of recorded call that proves easy to access, export and browse.  You need to set up a recording of every call that has been directed or made.

  • Seamless Voice and Data Communication

Voice and Data Travel along with each other at the same network line. This is where the Dlink telephones come in, Dlink provides you RJ 45 connector that will connect with your PC Ethernet interface or with your home or office network.

  • Full Feature Phone

The Dlink Telephone System comes with large LCD and displays dial out. Not to mention, these phones also have called in numbers.

  • Unmatched Voice Quality

All Dlink comes with QoS functions to make sure that the voice received on IT telephone is the same as it is received on the Ordinary phone. To allow for a seamless voice reception, the voice packets have a higher priority over data packets in the packet stream. Other notable features are echo cancelation.

  • Full Protocol Support

The Dlink Telephone System uses H.323 VoIP control Protocol. You can select any model from the Dlink portfolio according to the needs and protocol installed by your call center. The Dlink provides you a better solution for your needs.

What Else You Get?

Apart from these benefits, the Dlink Telephone System awards you with the following additional advanced features:

Integrated Messaging: The Versatile voice messages the users get from their client, softphone, portal or even through the email. Just leave a voicemail that can be sent to you or your favorite email client.

Offsite Desk Phone and Softphone Support:  Now you can work from anywhere you like as you are connected to office phone systems with a broadband internet connection.

Integration for Multiple Location:  Now you have the feature of creating consistency caller experience among different locations and even branch offices.

Mobile Device Integration:  Enjoy making and receiving calls from a mobile phone while using your business phone number.

Call Detail Reporting: With Dlink Telephone System, you get the complete set of call records that are easy to browse and access. The log of the call made includes details such as source number, the destination number, and call duration. Along with these, it also covers date and time.

Flexible Auto Attendant:  Assist your clients for getting the right person along with customized menu selection and routing.

Personalized Call Routing: With Find Me or Follow Me, you never have to miss another call. Now you have the ability to set your own ring with multiple devices for creating a list of important callers.

Voicemail Management and Transcription: Now you can Access the Voicemail through Phone, Email, SMS and even desktop, you can also manage, store and even read voicemail messages with this feature.