Are you trying to choose an office telephone? there are several factors to bear in mind. You might be in need of an office phone system that will foster productivity and pipe-down the traditional single line, enforce short distance dependability and shrink the worries of searching for phone numbers.

The first thing to do is to decide what you actually want for your business which includes:

  • The number of staffs that will need the services and access to an office phone.
  • Consider how many internal and external staffs telephone lines that will be needed at the office.
  • The need to get a telephone for your receptionist.
  • Whether there will be a need for any other office to be included in the system.
  • If you will be needing a staff mobile within the business telephone.
  • Whether you will be needed an advanced office telephone technology system.

Haven put the above points in consideration, it is evident that Avaya phone system offers you exactly all you need in an office phone system and can serve the purpose of any office telephony solution meant for your business. Avaya phones offer you an exceptional satisfaction of both traditional and new technology in the office phone system. There has been a great advancement in the telephone system over the years, this is no longer the time when you just need a few phone lines connected, it’s far more beyond that now. It now makes use of a more complex network which is digitally operated via the internet to establish an internal phone network thereby reducing cost. This advancement made it possible for customers to keep in touch with the company enabling employees to work more proficiently.

Avaya office phone systems can go as much as combining the benefit of hosting your own internal system with features of an IP system, faster speed, better flexibility, and agility. This enables you to run your business on any device of your choice and from any location. Avaya IP office assembles your calls, messages, conferences, and customer management all together in a single phone system.


Avaya Office Telephone System Features

Office telephone system comes in diverse kinds so it is essential to know exactly what the company needs so as to find the best office phone for it. The business size matters when selecting an office phone. The following are more reasons why you should choose Avaya phone systems:

  1. Increased Efficiency:

Avaya phone system is dependable, reliable, productive and efficient. The complaint of weak networks which hinders productivity, and interrupt all internet based actions as well as your business does not happen with Avaya phones. Signing up with Avaya ensures that none of these happens to you. Avaya network is always up and running, upgrades such as the self-diagnostic system, self-healing system, and proactive remote monitoring keep Avaya networks on a steady run giving your space to focus on your business rather than worrying over the network.

  1. Mobility and Easy Movement

Avaya Phone System is well-matched with an overabundance of PDAs but cell phone gives you unparalleled mobility because they connect to the PBX. They can use their laptops or PDA to keep program updated. Using the Find Me features, the network will automatically give you a call if you are away from your desk.

  1. Saves Time and Money

Connecting to Avaya Business Telephone System gives you only one cable to worry about, unlike before when you have two lines to maintain, you worry about your T1 line and your phone line. But using a single cable for both voice and data, Avaya Phone System creates a united network. This makes it cheaper and saves time.

  1. Gives you a Variety of Choices

Avaya Phone System gives you various choices scaled to meet your needs notwithstanding the size of your company. Avaya phone system allows you to choose the best system for your company depending on its size. Avaya Phone Systems ensures you all of the bells and whistles larger systems boast of, they will as well be adjusted to fit the size of your company both in terms of cost-effectiveness and crucial company need.

  1. Operate Single Server in Multiple Locations

Even if you are multiple locations, you can still operate single server using Avaya’s media servers and Gateway features. This implies that each location can be interlinked with each other by pushing each gateway into a satellite location for better connectivity and communication.

  1. Avaya Call Center:

Your business is assured of an unparalleled customer service via Avaya’s Phone System call center. When customers call, their information which is entered into the database shows up on agent’s computer. This ensures that your customers reach the right person and makes sure that they get the right information.

Choosing Avaya Phone System assures you of an office telephone system which will fit all the requirement of your company and guarantees you a stress-free usage.