nec pabx system dubaiNEC Telephone System for Your Growing Business

NEC Telephone System are known for their brilliance and reliability. Apart from that, this system comes with technologically advanced features without making anything complicated. Despite being one of the far most advanced options, the NEC solutions are surprisingly affordable. This communication system is well capable of handling the communication needs of businesses despite their size.  This brand brings together the latest communication tech that is suited for every kind of business, an area of interest and capacity of operations.

Specialties of NEC PBX System

NEC telephone specializes in the provision of IP-based business phone solutions with remote working costs calls and line rental. The Business Mobile Communication also sum up to do a large part of today’s daily communication to keep in touch with the office despite wherever you are.

Also, we work with clients and install their systems which consist of as low as 2 or 3 handsets that make multi-site phone systems for up to hundreds of extensions. Also, we have also installed business telephones for almost every industry.

We have partnered with the world leading system providers. With this, we provide rich in feature yet affordable phone systems. These systems consist of Full IP Phone along with Digital PBX and Hybrid Phone Systems. Our approach is simple for both traditional voice and emerging technologies. Furthermore, our solutions also include voice mail systems that make sure your clients reach you in the friendliest way possible.

We come with solutions that are well capable of matching such immediate needs while allowing your company to grow easily. We believe in future-proof technology, and therefore, our solutions adapt to the needs of your growing business. Keeping up with that, the following are a few points you need to mind:

  • Telephone System

Are you in need of an efficient way of communicating with your business prospects, if you are, then the NEC Telephone System has everything you need.

  • Business Interaction

Nec PBX Systems keeps you connected with your clients throughout the day, seven days a week. We make sure you are staying connected with valuable assets of your business to ensure a prolific working revenue.

  • Line and Call

Now you can enjoy top of the line communication with crystal clear technology. All of it with affordable costs of telephone and line rental.

  • Unified Communications

Do you need an “All in One Solution,” NEC Telephone System offers everything for your business needs?

Why NEC?

NEC Telephony introduced a broad range of feature-rich and innovative pabx phone systems as an affordable option for small and medium business. With NEC XN120, this was nothing like it. This Phone was specially designed to fulfill the ever growing needs of small and medium businesses. It’s a professional and easy to uses solution with the perfectly affordable price tag.

The already existing equipment such as modems, wireless DECT Phones and answering machines that can be plugged into this hybrid system. All of these features combined make the NEC Telephone System an investment that paybacks as it promises seamless communication.

Benefits of Choosing NEC PBX

The NEC Phone Systems comes with advanced business functionalities that offer easy to use and manage features. The business advantages of these systems are given as follows:

  • A Complete Business Communication Solution for SME
  • Supports Single and Multi-Site Networks
  • Built-in Voice Messaging and Call Center
  • Far Most Advanced Functionalities for Quite Affordable Price Tags
  • Flexible and Easy to use solutions for your telecom Needs

nec telephone system dubaiWhat Makes NEC Unique?

NEC Telephone System from other telephonic solutions offered in the market.  Don’t take our word for it, see it for yourself!

  • Integrated Voicemail

Thanks to this feature, you have unlimited messaging time along with a host. This host provides you with flexible options including conversation record to store conversations in your mailbox.

  • Easy Integration with Computer

This feature connects your phone to your Outlook for managing contact manager applications along with click dialing and allowing points.

  • Shows Calling Number

Identification of the Caller name and telephone number that enables you to answer with a personal message.

  • Message Center

This feature allows two people to share the same phone and have their very own message waiting for an indicator. Everyone can see if they have received any new messages or not.

Telephone Systems from NEC

NEC Telephone System provides you with the right communication solution despite you are merely a startup, small business or a large organization with multiple branches. NEC provides you with cutting-edge solutions capable of growing with your future requirements.

Whenever you buy an NEC product, you enjoy the high quality you need to keep your business running. Thanks to our 24-hour support, we have established ourselves as a well-renowned customer service for every aspect of installation to ongoing account management.

Who Choose NEC over Others

Being one of the finest telecommunication solutions providers, the NEC Telephone System portfolio consists of a broad range of reliable phone systems. NEC transforms your business with it leading edge communication solutions by making you even more productive and useful.

The fast and secure telecom systems from NEC are highly featured handsets that offer call management, call center application, communication portals, messaging and much more.

Ideal for Business

NEC makes an excellent choice for your company not because it implements some of the finest technologies around. No, it also makes itself surprisingly affordable also to being advanced and reliable.

  • Increases Your Productivity

Now save your time with Speed Dials, Shortcut keys on handsets and route calls without any receptionists, all these features collectively make NEC an ideal Choice.

  • Reduces The Time and Costs

With NEC, you can set up conference calls for your customers and suppliers in the easiest way possible. You can do it while reducing the overall costs.

  • Tracks Call Activity

The NEC Telephone System comes to call recording option that is quite ideal for training and resolving disputes. This feature also helps to manage and monitor calls from the desktop with call reporting. It can be viewed live or delivered automatically to the supervisor at the end of the day.